Traveling solo to Thailand

Almost two years ago exactly I began my first backpacking trip to Thailand!

My junior year in college I got super burned out and almost didn't bother to finish my degree. I was working in a research lab and had a not so pleasant realization that maybe I didn't actually want to get my PhD, and maybe being a lab rat wasn't what I wanted to spend my life doing. So naturally I felt I needed to travel and gain some perspective, or maybe find my purpose even.  Since I had never backpacked before and was planning on going solo, I was looking into places that are easy to get around and relatively safe for solo female travelers. According to everyone, Thailand was the place to get your feet wet as a backpacker, as transportation around the country is relatively easy and everything is so inexpensive. So somewhat spontaneously, I purchased my plane ticket and was going to be there for a month! Later on my friend Courtney decided to join me which was fun, we get along well and have travelled together before. When we were hardly friends yet she joined me in Germany and on a mini side trip to London. 

Overall, going to Thailand was one of the best decisions I have ever made and it really did help me find my joie de vivre. I will be posting about the different places we managed to get to starting with my solo adventure through Bangkok!

If you have never backpacked before, I strongly recommend you do it! Thailand definitely stands up to all the hype and I really want to go back, even though there are so many places I have yet to visit!

Stay curious friends,


Life lessons in Tokyo~

I have wanted to go to Japan FOREVER and intentionally scheduled myself (slightly ridiculous) longer layovers so that I could leave the airport and do some exploring... needless to say, things did not go according to plan.

A bit of backstory, I studied Japanese in high school for two years and was president of the Japanese Club my senior year...I took two more semesters of Japanese in college and was a member of the Japanese Student Association (even though I'm not Japanese ha). I WAS SO EXCITED TO BE IN JAPAN, it was a little silly in hindsight. Right away the bathrooms off the airplanes got me. I was super amused that the toilets  play music and are so fancy! More than anything though, I was excited to be able to read some things in Japanese. Lets just say I was sleep deprived and a little overstimulated. For some reason, when I travel alone I can never sleep while traveling. I think it is because I am paranoid that I'll sleep through my connection or something, who knows...

I had pre-planned which train I was going to take to connect me from Haneda to Narita, but due to the overstimulation (thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it) I managed to walk out of customs WITHOUT MY CHECKED BAG. How I did this, I'm not entirely sure...but it was one of those areas where once you leave you are not permitted re-entry.  After a momentary panic when I realized what I had done, I contacted the airline and they helped me sort it out. By this time, I had missed the train I was originally going to take that was a direct connection. The information lady I spoke to was very helpful and gave me directions on which train to take but this one had a transfer, which I figured I could manage... I took lots of trains in Europe, so that makes me an expert right??

I bought my train ticket and was on my way~ so I get to the transfer station and give the cashier my card to purchase the connecting ticket, only to find out they don't take cards. Like what?! Do I have any Japanese currency on me? Of course not. So I tried going to an ATM, it doesn't work. At this point I am trying not to panic as I am stuck in the middle of Tokyo somewhere with a giant backpack, no cash, and a second grader understanding of the language. I made my way to an information booth and they informed me that I had to use an international ATM, and where I could find one, OUTSIDE of the train station. So I set off to find the international ATM and of course although his directions seemed straightforward, I was unable to find it. Luckily some people managed to help me in very broken English and I am so grateful for them. But that's not the end- I get to the international ATM and guess what? IT DOESN'T WORK EITHER. 

At this point I'm in full panic mode and I've already lost over an hour wandering this area. So I go back to the train station and find a currency exchange counter. I had almost no cash on me, I literally had $20 and I exchanged that for yen. Desperately I go back to the ticket counter and hope that I have enough to get to the airport~ which I did, thank goodness. But of course I go to get on my train and realize I have no idea which one I am supposed to take, and everything was in Kanji. I had a very broken conversation in Japanese with a nice women and luckily my limited vocabulary was enough to understand I was supposed to take the train after the next (tsugi no tsugi!) So I make it to the airport with like 7 hours to spare...

I was so stressed out and exhausted that I ended up just hanging in the airport. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to get any money and I didn't have any more cash to exchange so I figured it was safer to stay put. Plus I didn't want to risk missing my flight since I had no idea what I was doing or where I was going. Luckily it wasn't a total waste of time as my friend Mana came to the airport to say hello. We were both exchange students in Germany together and it was very nice to see her :)

In summary, the lesson I learned was to always carry a certain amount of cash when traveling because you never know when technology might fail! To this day I'm not sure why I couldn't get the ATMs to work for me in Tokyo, because it was just fine once I got to Thailand. Also, even with the best plan laid out, random things can happen and you have to be flexible and go with the flow!

This definitely doesn't count as a trip to Japan and it is still very much on my list! I want to do ALL the things there, it is only a matter of time :3

Stay curious friends!



Schleswig & the Moorleichen!

A week ago I got to visit the museum in Schleswig which was originally a castle named Schloß Gottorf . I don't have many pictures from my visit because I wasn't really allowed to take pictures. However I grabbed some images from Google, so you could see:

Inside the museum was a lovely exhibit on the Moorleichen, which are the people that they have found in the surrounding areas that are pretty well preserved because of the moor. You will have to look them up, if you want to see some dead people. It was really interesting because the discovery of these people has allowed researchers a glimpse at what people wore and ate, etc. It is also interesting to speculate how the people died...some were murdered or possibly sacrificed, or died from more natural means.

The museum also houses one of the very first Viking ships. It was found in a moor as well, and was also preserved because of that. The boat was obviously fairly primitive, and yet the Vikings used it to traverse the Atlantic Ocean. Pretty amazing stuff...


A few weekends ago my host parents took me to a cute little village named Molfsee. It is a place where they take old historic homes and relocate them there so they can preserve them for future generations. The weather was good that day, and they had a market type thing where you could by local things of all home-made knit wool socks, or baskets and produce. They were also selling livestock like chickens, goats, donkeys, etc. They had little baby goats and donkeys and they were quite adorable.



Last week my host parents took me to Schloß Glücksburg which is a famous "water castle" in the region. I believe it is one of two in all of Germany. It was home to many royals and important people. I did not get many pictures of the inside because it was not allowed, but the castle had 4 floors (I think), a private chapel, and a dungeon complete with torture chamber!! My host mom and I got a "private tour" and learned some very interesting facts about the castle. One of which was that the servants were forced to learn to play instruments like the piano and violin so that they could provide entertainment when the family had parties, etc. 

The castle, surrounded by water on three sides

The castle, surrounded by water on three sides

front view

front view

private chapel

private chapel

the dome like ceiling was characteristic of the time period. a type of cheese, calk and egg white were used to make it!

the dome like ceiling was characteristic of the time period. a type of cheese, calk and egg white were used to make it!


Last week I also visited the town of Lübeck. It is a very historic town, one of few that remained intact after WWII. There I visited a marzipan museum, where everything was made of marzipan! Apparently they are famous for it. It was a very beautiful city and I took tons of pictures. While we were there, a Harley-Davidson convention was being held so there were thousands of bikers and motorcycles everywhere! I want to live in an old city with old buildings and history!!

T-minus two weeks until departure 0.0

T-minus two weeks until departure 0.0

I just decided to make this blog, and I leave in two weeks....

This is kind of more for myself and anyone who might be interested!

I have a suitcase packed, and it basically contains all my winter stuff. I have most of my other stuff laid out, but just haven't packed it yet for obvious reasons. I have all the required paperwork that I need and I only have three days left at my job 0.0

I just got home from lifeguard games and ice cream with Stephanie. I really am going to miss people I work with :( You guys have been like family to me over the past two seasons, but I know I will keep in touch and see you when I get back...and if you happen to find yourself in Germany, hit me up ;)

My host families look like awesome people and I can't wait to meet them!

Before that happens I will be spending some time in Reno and hopefully Tahoe for a few days, and then I come back to Vegas for LADY GAGA!!!! (Who could ask for a better send off?!)

Im trying not to dwell on the depressing stuff, but I am nervous and anxious in addition to excited. I have been waiting for this for soooo long I can't believe it is almost here! I want to spend my last two weeks with the people I love, and of course my beloved pets haha.

Hopefully I will update this blog on the regular because you know...thats the idea...but we shall see :)