T-minus two weeks until departure 0.0

T-minus two weeks until departure 0.0

I just decided to make this blog, and I leave in two weeks....

This is kind of more for myself and anyone who might be interested!

I have a suitcase packed, and it basically contains all my winter stuff. I have most of my other stuff laid out, but just haven't packed it yet for obvious reasons. I have all the required paperwork that I need and I only have three days left at my job 0.0

I just got home from lifeguard games and ice cream with Stephanie. I really am going to miss people I work with :( You guys have been like family to me over the past two seasons, but I know I will keep in touch and see you when I get back...and if you happen to find yourself in Germany, hit me up ;)

My host families look like awesome people and I can't wait to meet them!

Before that happens I will be spending some time in Reno and hopefully Tahoe for a few days, and then I come back to Vegas for LADY GAGA!!!! (Who could ask for a better send off?!)

Im trying not to dwell on the depressing stuff, but I am nervous and anxious in addition to excited. I have been waiting for this for soooo long I can't believe it is almost here! I want to spend my last two weeks with the people I love, and of course my beloved pets haha.

Hopefully I will update this blog on the regular because you know...thats the idea...but we shall see :)