Schleswig & the Moorleichen!

A week ago I got to visit the museum in Schleswig which was originally a castle named Schloß Gottorf . I don't have many pictures from my visit because I wasn't really allowed to take pictures. However I grabbed some images from Google, so you could see:

Inside the museum was a lovely exhibit on the Moorleichen, which are the people that they have found in the surrounding areas that are pretty well preserved because of the moor. You will have to look them up, if you want to see some dead people. It was really interesting because the discovery of these people has allowed researchers a glimpse at what people wore and ate, etc. It is also interesting to speculate how the people died...some were murdered or possibly sacrificed, or died from more natural means.

The museum also houses one of the very first Viking ships. It was found in a moor as well, and was also preserved because of that. The boat was obviously fairly primitive, and yet the Vikings used it to traverse the Atlantic Ocean. Pretty amazing stuff...