Healthcare vs. Crisiscare

Often times, I will be working on a client and I recommend that they see a chiropractor to make sure that their skeletal system is all in order and the pain or discomfort they are experiencing is not due to some misalignment, which is out of my scope of practice. Most people are surprised to hear that I visit the chiropractor on a biweekly, sometimes weekly basis. I get comments like "but you're so young" "why would you need to see a chiropractor so often" and I think the problem lies with the deep seated mindset people have about healthcare, not just in relation to chiropractics and massage.

Wellness is a state of being that requires more than just diet and exercise to maintain. Yes, these things are very important and they provide a solid foundation from which to build a healthy lifestyle but wellness is more than just that. For me, I eat a plant-based diet and I exercise regularly. I practice yoga 5-6 times a week, I like to walk my dog and go for hikes. I am for all intents and purposes "young and healthy" - so why do I visit the chiropractor so often? 

Well, I also happen to have wrist problems caused by a ganglion cyst that I had surgically removed some years ago. My chiropractor also specializes in hands and feet so he helps me to maintain optimal functionality of my wrists, which are so important for me as a yoga teacher/practitioner and massage therapist. I also know that every week my back and neck crack in places they didn't previously and I also feel better for it afterwards- so really the question should be why don't more people visit the chiropractor on a regular basis??

Healthcare should really be about wellness. If you focus on wellness, you also emphasize prevention so that you lower your need to see a doctor or visit the emergency room. Unfortunately, our society places more emphasis on "crisis-care" or "sick-care" - dealing with an issue when it is already a problem and attempting to correct it. This approach usually ends of costing more time and money in the long run in addition to being more difficult to fix.

The fact that I receive chiropractic adjustments, massages, practice yoga regularly, and eat well are helping to ensure that I don't get sick, and my chances of straining muscles or injuring my back are far less likely than someone who only sees the chiropractor or gets a massage when they are already in pain. 

The body is a truly amazing machine and just like any machine, if you give it the right fuel and proper maintenance, the sky is your limit. The healthcare system is slowly shifting towards an emphasis on preventative medicine and promoting healthy living, which is definitely a step in the right direction. The remaining problem lies in promoting education to combat the longstanding beliefs on healthcare and making such services more accessible and affordable to the masses.