Interested in yoga philosophy from a young age, Carly began studying yoga in early 2012. She completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in December 2016 with Marissa Lee Harris that was an 18 month one on one mentorship at the Desert Yoga School. Yoga has helped transform Carly in both mind and spirit, especially with overcoming severe anxiety. Having experienced the benefits of yoga, she is committed to making yoga accessible for all people and sharing in her journey.

Carly provides a consistent and regular sequence that focuses on tristhana: breath, bhandhas, and dristi. The uptempo pace of her class will keep you on your toes. Her down to earth, calm and logical presentation will gently push you towards your goals while helping you to establish an integrative and sustainable practice.

Tristhana Flow -  Thursdays 9am

Breath. Bhandhas. and Dristi.

This practice finds its roots in the fundamentals of the set series taking its name from the 8 limbed path. A straightforward and simple presentation that includes brisk sun salutations, foundational standing postures that benefit everyone, as well as energetic backbends and inversions for those looking to play. Marrying the consistency of a set sequence with some variation to allow for creative short form in order to address the multiplicity of needs for a modern day human body. A subtly high energy class that will have you sweating as you push the limits of your strength and flexibility while giving you the time and space to begin the real work- the journey inward.

Private lessons

If you are interested in deepening your home practice, need some pointers, or just want some one on one attention and adjustments, contact me for rates and availability.